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Grand Images' Policies and Procedures are designed to facilitate the service process by phone, mail, e-mail, and in person. Some local clients have preferred to bring in their original pictures for an initial consultation, and then complete the project by e-mail and regular mail. Distant clients have their restoration projects successfully handled entirely by e-mail, mail, package shipper, and phone. There is no charge for evaluations, except for a $10 shipping and handling fee due with the original order when return by mail is anticipated. You will be able to review an evaluation and approve the results before payment for services is required. If, based on the evaluation, you feel the results are unsatisfactory, for any reason, you may, at your option, cancel the project and have your original materials returned at no charge for the attempt. Read the Service Policies and Procedures Guidelines for full details.

Grand Images is a home based business. You are welcome to personally deliver and pickup your work. Office hours are flexible, but are by appointment only. Please call or e-mail to arrange an appointment.