Do you have heirloom and/or genealogical pictures that have lost their grandeur?  They maybe faded, taped, torn, stained, or otherwise mutilated.  Many images can befully restored, and some can even be made ‘better’ than original. Most people are surprised by just how good the digital restoration process can be.  Contact us and lets see about restoring your Grand Image to its former grandeur.

Digitally restored pictures can be returned as traditional photographic prints and negatives, direct digital prints, digital files, or museum quality IRIS prints.  It really depends your needs and budget. 

Please examine the examples of my photo restoration work.  Remember that these are web ready images and some quality has been sacrificed in favor of speedy  transmission. 

OtherDigital Image Services Available by Request
  • General image enhancement services: includes the selective manipulation of objects. 
    • people 
    • faces 
    • foreground / background. 
  • Add / remove objects to / from existing imagery, (photos). 
  • Stitch multiple images, (photos), together. 
  • Scanning services for 35mm transparent media, (slides & negatives). 
  • Scan reflective media up to 8x10. 
  • Scan some larger reflective media in sections and stitch together in the computer. 
  • Write image files to electronic media,CD-ROM, ZIP, etc. 
  • Conversion to the CMYK color space, color separation for quality printing. 
Just for fun, education, and your personal viewing pleasure, I plan to add a 'picture of the month' feature after the Holidays. 

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