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Grand Images

Digital Photography & Fine Art Services

Make digital copies, prints, or enlargements from pictures or transparent media that do not require restoration.

Digitally copy your original pictures, slides, color transparencies, B/W or color negatives, and make photo prints, enlargements, digital image files, or any combination. Negatives will be converted to the positive view for normal viewing. Source images will be automatically normalized for color, brightness, and contrast, as provided by the scanner software, but no artifact removal or other restoration services will be done.

This process is suitable for images in reasonablely good physical condition or when images are to be preserved in their current condition.

Source images may be digitally enlarged. The general process is to optically overscan by some percentage of the print resolution, which results in a larger print image. It is possible to enlarge beyond the optical capabilities of film and scanner, but that generally reduces image quality. The enlargement process is ultimately limited by the quality of the original image. See detailed explanation of digital photo enlargement.

Grand Images policies and procedures are designed to facilitate the service process by phone, mail, e-mail, and in person. There is no charge for evaluations, except for a $10 shipping and handling fee due with the original order when return by mail is anticipated. You will be able to review an evaluation and approve the results before payment for services is required. If, based on the evaluation, you feel the results are unsatisfactory, for any reason, you may, at your option, cancel the project and have your original materials returned at no charge for the attempt. See our Service Policies and Procedures Guidelines for full details.