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Digital Photo Enlargement

This is a macro view of a fallen wasp nest which happened to contain a tiny mite. The original photograph was at ½ life-size on a 35mm slide, which was digitized at 4000 dpi.

Enlarge 1, is approximately 2x life-size. The tiny mite is a small orange dot on the cell wall inside the cyan circle.


Enlarge 2, shows the effect of scanning at high resolution and displaying the result at 1-1 screen resolution. The mite is enlarged to about 21x life-size. Details such as eyes, antennae, and mouth parts are clearly discernable. Mite details remain relatively sharp as this enlargement is essentially at camera, lens, film, and scanner resolution.



Enlarge 3 shows the effect of digitally enlarging beyond optical resolution limits. This view is about 42x life-size. While the mite is larger, it also begins to become less sharp. Digital enlargement is limited by the quality of the original image.